RadLove provides a variety of services to support you and your family as you enter into a new, exciting phase of your lives. We support families with any and all birth goals or parenting styles and we (myself and my amazing backup doulas with TLC Doula Group ) have extensive experience supporting:

Hospital Birth |  Birth Center Birth | Home Birth | Water Birth | Inductions | Unmedicated & Medicated Childbirth | IVF | Surrogacy | Adoption | Multiples | Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) | Cesarean Birth | Sexual Assault Survivors | Preterm Birth | NICU Families | Sibling Support | LGBTQIA Families | Grandparent Support | Birth Plan Consultations | Childbirth Education | Bottle-feeding | Lactation/Breastfeeding/Chestfeeding | Placenta Prep | Belly Binding and so much more. 



From the moment you become a client, I am on-call for you—providing unbiased, continual support and reassurance until after your birth. Birth Doula Support is about personalized care focused on meeting your individual needs and values. This includes upholding high standards of professionalization and ethics, providing up-to-date evidence-based education and support, and creating positive working relationships with care providers, nursing staff, and community members.

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RadLove provides lactation education to prepare you before and after birth to strengthen your breastfeeding relationship with your baby. Your doula can provide basic instruction for establishing breastfeeding, maintaining milk supply, introducing pumping and bottle feeding, and avoiding common issues.

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Other Services



There are many benefits of consuming your placenta, including: improvement in mood and lower risk of postpartum depression; increased production of breast milk; increased energy; and a faster recovery.


Raw preparation is the method I use to prepare your placenta with as little processing as possible. Your placenta will be trimmed into small pieces and frozen for use in smoothies, or however you prefer. (Contraindications – If you have HIV, Hepatitis C or Hepatitis B, GBS or any sign of infection during labor we will not be able to process your placenta)



Bengkung belly binding is an ancient Malaysian style of wrapping the postpartum belly for support and faster healing. A piece of cotton fabric is used to bind the core and its purpose is to retrain core muscles and stabilize your posture (especially helpful while carrying or breastfeeding your new baby). The compression support from binding helps to shrink the uterus and aids an improvement in postpartum bleeding. You can begin binding 4-7 days after a vaginal birth and 2-3 weeks days after a cesarean birth. With any part of your recovery, always consult your provider or healthcare specialist.




Aromatherapy | Amateur birth photography | Newborn Care | Babywearing education | Mother blessing celebrations | Satellite Doula (For remote and rural clients) | Sibling Doula Support (for your older children at the birth) | Reduced rates for women considering adoption | Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss) |Miscarriage/Abortion Support (Before, During or After) | Hysterectomy/Menopause Support and Education | Referrals to other professionals for services outside my scope or expertise.


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